About Vector Employer Solutions

At Vector Employer Solutions, we value the relationships we have made with our clients over the years. We are true partners who seek first to fully understand your business and/or individual financial goals. We then develop a recommendation designed to best meet your unique needs for the best value in a cost-effective strategy.

Family Owned

Competitive Rates

Servicing All Industry Sectors

Dedicated Team of Financial Experts

Why Family Ownership Matters

Vector Employer Solutions is a family owned and operated independent brokerage, run by several members of the Echols family; including Vince and Marsha Echols, Justin Echols, Lamar Echols, and Shawn Echols.

Why ownership structure matters to you boils down to one word – trust. We are a trustworthy group of family members who are driven by faith-based values. We are people of character who hold ourselves accountable. One conversation with us reveals this unique difference. 

Our family formed Vector Employer Solutions when we identified a need in the insurance market to treat associates differently – and better. From day one, our strong team has leveraged our deep experience in the financial industry to structure a company that is fully transparent, and honest, on all levels. 

The result of this approach to financial management has been impressive. 

Within just five years of opening our doors, Vector Employer Solutions has grown significantly in size and scope. Today, we have over $10 million in active coverage of health insurance and over an additional $10 million of supplemental coverage. Growth remains strong at over 30% YOY. 

These results are made possible by a “teams approach” to client problem solving and solution development. We are intentional in our approach and focused on surpassing client expectations, for their long-term success and stability.

As recent history has painfully reminded us, the future is uncertain—and it is best to be prepared for the unexpected.

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